21 January 2009



I am not sure if age or the experience in life that makes us let go old “things” ...It is so good to let things go...old photos, old clothes, things that don´t match with what WE ARE TODAY...We have been changing, the personality, ideas, news points of view, so many reading and so many social interaction with other pointsof view that makes us think that LIFE IS MORE THAN “THIS AND THAT”. Most of time we don´t notice, maybe it is that kind of reading, kind of music, even the kind of person that doesn´t appeal to you anymore. Some people react and overreact to external changes, world is being changing, the economic situation is being changing. People have change very much. Consequently, we need to be more creative to deal with everything, especially our feelings. Some people grab to old habits, to what doesn´t work in their lives anymore....so it becomes worse, people even can be sick. In addition to this, there are people that just let “things” and “situations” go. Sometimes (in fact, many times I have notice) the best way to dealing to what it is not having to us, to dealing with “NEW” is just “surrender”.

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