21 January 2009


I haven´t been blogging because I have been on holidays. Nothing special to write, just very hot days, sunbathing and organizing many pieces of paper of English classes. Next week the routine will be back: time, classes, gyms, time, preparation, make up, books, time, new edition of many books, students not interested in learning, time and time. However, yesterday I went to a "contemporay dance" class. It was very strange for me, I am attached to my routines, to rules and the trainer seemed to be detached from everything in life, as if she was a "hippie"...It was a good experience for me to face up to what I really like such as high heels...it is nice to walk with naked foot on the sand on the beach, but I prefer middle nice shoes, not necessarily high shoes all time, but just "shoes". No rules, tattoos, naked feet, dancing to be aware of what you feel. All in all, I will go back to belly dance next week.

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