29 January 2009


I am fine, I haven´t been on here, these days, so many things to do.I should have coped with everything in my life so as to write my thoughts and feelings here. In fact, there is an enchanting blog from Clay, http://clayrndarrow.blogspot.com/ and I own up that every night I read his blog and I spend an enjoyed time reading his fabulous writings. The good point is that makes me to think about creating something more concise. My astrologer and friend Izabel told me today that I should write the funny things I say. Many friends say this and I have to face up to that I love writing and it should be a catarse for me and a laugh for us!



Deedee said...

Hello Rosana! A pleasure to meet you - I too am enchanted by Claryn Darrow's wonder-blog! Glad to have found you!

Deedee said...

Hello Rosana! A pleasure to meet you. I too am enchanted by the Claryn Darrow's wonder-blogs. You should definitely write your comedic sayings down for all of us to enjoy. I am glad to have found you!