16 January 2009

I gave up

I gave up. After a happy week with good surprises in my life, a blissful ignorant behaviour made me feel helpless, today. I tried to understand him, I tried to be friend but I was not able enough because there is no communication between us. I don´t like argue, I like having good memories from people. However, there are people that don´t like peace of mind. Unfortunately there are people that say "they are friends", when they just want to argue and war and hurt....

I GAVE UP.....It is not possible to go on a friendship like this.


Anonymous said...

True friendship shouldn't drive one to have to make decisions like this--Lady in red--you seem to have more humility than your "friend". Just a thought.

Clayrn Darrow

The lady in red said...

Dear Darrow, I am not sure if I have more humility than my friend. Maybe I think over and explain my feelings more than him. He is still my beloved friend. However, I feel that he is detached to what happens to me.

Best wishes,
The Lady in Red