07 November 2010

Peace of Mind

Some people give so much power to things that they forget to enjoy life, without delight and fun, they forget to feel the present moment with friends, love, family. Sometimes seating near a lake and "just enjoy" the moment, without thinking, without judging, without manipulating....

Just being
Or at least be in silence
TO BE yourself

this picture was taken in Horto Florestal near the Forest called Serra da Cantareira.

31 October 2010

My Viking... my LOVE

My Viking, my LOVE

tall heavily -built
caring manner
gentle in actions
but very strong...
... that makes me crazy!

friendly expression
that made me get closer
... and closer
Hardworking man
devoted father
......broad shoulders ....
... that makes me crazy!

Honest, reliable
dedicated and responsible
successful and talented
twinkling deep blue eyes
fine-featured face
thin lips..that make me crazy!
My Viking,
My love

25 October 2010

Hurricane in life

HURRICANE time ...
nothing can be done
trees that fall
scaring dark clouds


Just wait
sit and wait and think
maybe not think, just wait

and wait

there nothing to do during a HURRICANE


maybe the few actions can turn bad facts
into good learning for LIFE


We think we know everything
technology, intelligence

... We can´t face a "Hurricane in life" ...


Challengers and Learning

LIFE ...

Patience and love


Life that I couldn´t put up with some days ago
LIFE that I really enjoy
even into a hurricane

01 January 2010

Happy New Year!

All the best for us in 2010!