31 October 2010

My Viking... my LOVE

My Viking, my LOVE

tall heavily -built
caring manner
gentle in actions
but very strong...
... that makes me crazy!

friendly expression
that made me get closer
... and closer
Hardworking man
devoted father
......broad shoulders ....
... that makes me crazy!

Honest, reliable
dedicated and responsible
successful and talented
twinkling deep blue eyes
fine-featured face
thin lips..that make me crazy!
My Viking,
My love


Dave King said...

Wow! Quite a specification!

Choices said...

Wow! Very romantic!
I know that I follow you, but I am not getting your new post in my google reader. Don't understand why?
Take care.

Windsmoke. said...

G' Day from Oz,Very romantic and precise but does a man like that really exist today?. I'm having the same trouble as Choices, i can't work it out either.

The lady in Red said...

Dear Dave..I love writing with a kind of precision...lol

Choices and Windsmoke, I don´t know why sometimes we can´t receive a post in a reader. Sorry, I really don´t know.

Dear Windsmoke, a poem is a poem, a poem about a man is another thing...maybe a wish ...lol

Thanks for coming,