24 May 2009


She misses the bygone days
when they were together
sharing, feeling, loving
singing, cooking, dreaming
in real life...

Time has passed and then
more and more time...
She just has the memories
and all the feelings envolved with

The picture is SAUDADE, from Almeida Júnior.

17 May 2009

Porto de Leixões

I went to the nearest Museum from my house, in São Paulo, yesterday afternoon. And I would like to share 2 pictures with you. The first painting is the Museum Pinacoteca do Estado and the second one is "Porto de Leixões" by Mario Navarro da Costa, a portuguese writer from 1900. Anyway, the second paiting is really inspiring and relaxing for me. I hope you enjoy it. Have a nice Sunday!

06 May 2009

São Paulo at night

Hi friends, just a postcard from the most important avenue in São Paulo.