24 May 2009


She misses the bygone days
when they were together
sharing, feeling, loving
singing, cooking, dreaming
in real life...

Time has passed and then
more and more time...
She just has the memories
and all the feelings envolved with

The picture is SAUDADE, from Almeida Júnior.


Dave King said...

And the ending is... Like it.

Rose Marie Raccioppi said...

Thank you for visiting APOGEE Poet - you are indeed welcomed.

And Yes, the shadows and memories of a yesterday can indeed cast a hold on the moment present and the light yet to be known.

The lady in Red said...

Hi, Dave, thanks for coming!

Dear Rose, you are welcoming, as well.
Best wishes for both,

Veronica said...

Hello Rosana - such a painting! And such words to accompany the painting - both a treat for me to come back to you your lovely blog. I hope you are well my friend! With warm wishes to you, Vxx

The lady in Red said...

Dear Veronica, welcome back. I hope you are also fine.
Best wishes,

Fi said...

Hi Rosana, nice blog, nice poems - you seem like a sensitive person. All the best from London

The lady in Red said...

Dear Fi, thanks for coming.
All the best for you, too.

Aleksa said...

Hi Rosana,there are no new feeds from your blog on my blog so I did not know that you are still active.Good day to you and all the best,AlekSandra

The lady in Red said...

Dear Aleksa, I have had few ideas to post here. However, I have been here, best wishes,