22 January 2009

An Armenian Lunch

I had a recollection today after trying a little Arak with an old Armenian friend, Arthur. William Saroyan has been on my mind all afternoon, although I have had a very busy day. His delightfull and richly autobiographical novel Human Comedy is very updated, even though it was published in 1943. Nevertheless there has been war or wars in the world and those influence our lives, it is impossible to be ignorant to the facts that we have heard or watched on news. The way that Saroyan wrote about the “war” at that time, maybe, makes us think about Iraq War or even the “small wars” here and there, and how we deal with our feelings. In fact, we can´t pretend we live isolated. But ...coming back to my recollections in this afternoon.... I remembered the main character in Human Comedy: a boy becoming a man in an unordinary wartime and in an unexpected way. Human Emotions: humanity, love, war, money, death.....

Nothing is forever.....
Why argue?
Enjoy your time
Life is ONE..............

Cheers with Arak!


CLAY said...

Excellent point my lady--
"Nothing is forever.....
Why argue?
Enjoy your time
Life is ONE.............."
We must live for love and friendship. Our time is too short.


The lady in red said...

Dear Clay, have you read William Saroyan?

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