16 February 2009

Russian tea

Today I had a very good company for the 5 ó clock tea, a nice friend that came from Russia a long time ago invited me to. For those who don´t know, it is very commom to find out a Brazilian person whose parents or relatives came from a foreign country. I had myself a grandfather that came from Portugal. Anyway, I was invited by my friend and I saw many objects from Russia in her house. Objects whose name I don´t remember now. However, each object had its own story, that she told me while he prepared the tea and while we drank it. That made me think that as we grow up and we get older we acquire objects that turn out "history" for us. I came back home and I worked in my living room, surrounded by my books and small old objects that just me, and only me, know its history. Maybe you have a special pair of shoes bought for a special occasion that only you know, a special board for chess, a small collection of elephants from India. Moreover, everything you have in your life tell everything about you, your past, your choices, your dreams, your frustations, your fears and even how your ideas are organized.


Nick James said...

Valid point. It is the surroundings we choose to excell in that allow our personalities to be discovered. Great post.

Deedee said...

Hi Rosana- This was a good post. We never stop and think about the history behind the many objects we have in our homes! You made me do that today.

mis(ter)understood said...

i like this post. i have never really thought about this subject.. when i think about my parents house there are a lot of things there that have lots of memories and meanings to me.. but there are also lots of trinkets and books that have no significance in my life. they are things that have been around since before i was born. i wonder what kind of meaning or memories they hold for my parents?

The lady in Red said...

Dear Deedee, it is amazing as an informal fact in our lives make us think about our lives. Thanks for visiting! I like your blog and the design, it is really "glad" and "young".

Mister, thanks for visiting! I never paid attention to my parents´objects many years ago.

Veronica said...

Hello Lady in Red... I found your blog via Deedee's excellent blog and have been enjoying my visits here. Yes, you are so right about our objects and the history we weave together. It's fun and it's an interesting lesson in life. Warm wishes to you from Suffolk, England Vxx

The lady in Red said...

Dear Veronica (Veronica is a strong name!)Thanks for your visiting!

Best wishes,

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