15 February 2009

rainy weekend

People usually hate rainy day, but after a very hot week, 30 Celsius degrees, a rainy weekend is blessing. This motivates our creativity to write, to listen to good music, to talk to friends, to make a small embroidery, to eat pop corn watching a good film. Anyway, my weekend was suberb.


Nick James said...

I agree-- I feel that rainy days inspire humility. They remind us that in the brightest of times, things can change very suddenly. Rainy days keep us on our feet and inspired to keep in touch with ourselves. I like your blog already. Thank you for reading Onward Bound. Take Care!

Anonymous said...

Check out that rain! It's raining Florida too..My aunt says that this happens often.

The lady in Red said...

Nick - Thanks for your visiting, I am new in the "world blog" and I am not sure if my English is enough good to communicate well and express my ideas fairly. I loved your blog. Kep on with your work and passion for life.

Clay - I love raining, but most of people not. Everything I know about Florida is near Disneyworld (lol)