15 June 2009

winter in São Paulo

Winter just will start next 23th June, but the temperatures here have been about 13 to 18 Celsius degrees. It is seems warm for my European friends, but for a tropical country is really cold. In fact, our winter is really "humid". Under a blanket and two duvets I felt myself, last week, as a new born baby...I couldn´t move myself with the burden of duvets. By the way, central heating is not so common here. However, food is perfect good in winter, especially Brazilian food.

I would like to share this picture with my friends: Cozinha na Roça, "Kitchen in the small farm" by Pedro Alexandrino Borges.


Rose Marie Raccioppi said...

Hello Ruth,
Such an inviting and comforting image. The copper kettle reflects the light so beautifully. I truly appreciate the artistry of
Pedro Alexandrino Borges. Thank you for posting.

Stay warm.

Thank you for stopping by. In answer to your question, Yes, that is one of my paintings. I am inspired by the sky. It offers such beauty. Best always, Rose Marie

The lady in Red said...

Dear Rose Marie,
Thanks for visiting, I really liked your painting!
Best wishes,

Dave King said...

Difficult to think of winter starting just now! Thanks for the post, though.

The lady in Red said...

Hello, Dave, yes in the south America is almost winter (24th June)
Thanks for visiting!

Rose Marie Raccioppi said...

Living in New York all my life, the concept of winter in June is so foreign to me. You are wished the season's best bounty and joy.

Mark Kerstetter said...

Lucky you. We're having a terrible heatwave in Florida right now.

Choices said...

I came arcoss your blog.Oh! how I miss the seasons changing! It is very hot where I live now, so a little cold would be just fine. Beautiful picture.

The lady in Red said...

Dear Mark and "Choices", thanks for coming. When it is Christmas it is summer and extremely hot here in Brazil. It is strange in our summer in December watch films with snow and characters wearing many clothes. Best wishes,

Caio Fernandes said...

hi ,i don't know what language you prefer to talk so i'm going to use my horrible ingles just for fun .
thanks for droping by my blog , it was very kind of you . i see you're a teather of english and german . i am so ashamed , my blog is in those both languages , and it's all wrong .
it was a very nice surprise to know your blog , i like the way you write , and the images you post .great style .
i came here yesterday to see you , but didn't have time for "talk " to you .
let's keep contact .

The lady in Red said...

Dear Caio, your English is not horrible. In fact, your blog is impressive. I would like to post more than I do but I run of time. Are you an artist?
Best wishes,