21 April 2009

The kiss

The kiss
A kiss warms a cold night
But the kiss warms the soul
A true long kiss
a unique kiss for a miss

Each kiss is a kiss,
But there is THE KISS
Why not kiss? Kiss now
Go ... go and kiss

But it must be The Kiss
That one in the middle of night on bed
from the partner, as a gift

Or another one in the middle of a talking
as a surprise from the partner
Again as a gift
Not a kiss, but the kiss

The kiss
spreads that sensation
that we are big and bigger
Above all, we know we are beloved
Good for heart,
necessary for life,
Perfect for health

The kiss


Tom Atkins said...

Kissing is so under rated in today's world, yet it is one of the tenderest, most erotic things ever. Your last lines captured it perfectly.

The lady in Red said...

Dear Tom,
Thank you very much for visiting, kissing is "the best" in life!
Best wishes,