05 March 2009

More Tarsila do Amaral for everybody!

Although I have written about "hot weather" to post here, after reading many comments, I am convinced that I should write, firstly, more about Tarsila do Amaral, because many people liked the photos posted here, before. Well, if you see Madureira (4th picture) you will notice a kind of "Eifiel Tower" in the middle of a slum area with black people in Rio de Janeiro. Madureira was painted in 1924 when Tarsila came to Brazil in Carnival. This mixing of cultures: she had studied in Paris getting back to Brazil can be understood as a conflict between the two cultures. The mass of colours contrast with the other Tarsila´s paintings where she paints with soft pastels. The theme of A Negra (The black woman, 3rd picture) is connected with Tarsila´s childhood: the slave (the black woman) that feeds the babies, very common at that time in Brazil. So, another part of Tarsila´s biography. We can feel the immobility of the A Negra, her deformation shape, cubism behind the woman, the sad look in her eyes, the Brazilian style. In Antropofagia (2nd picture) there is a matching between Abaporu and A Negra. In Ovo or Urutu (The Egg, first picture) we can feel frightening. However, egg means birthing, something new that comes out. There are so many things to see about Tarsila´s works. Besides, many pictures to gaze at, to enjoy, to keep into ourselves what we have learnt. If someone is interested in Modernism in Brazil (1920`s) read Oswald de Andrade, among other Brazilian authors.


Nick James said...

Thanks for sharing! I love how mid-western it is!

Dave King said...

I'm going to have to come to terms with this - I'm not there yet!

The lady in Red said...

Nick, you´re welcome.

Dave, come to Tarsilas and google her to find out more about here fabulous work!

Anonymous said...

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Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

Love it..........your posts are always awesome Lady In Red and I look forward to them :)
Hope your weekend is filled with much love, joy and laughter :)

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Greener Bangalore said...

Oh.you are an awesome artist Ruth. thanks for sharing ....your blog is a good combination of all ; photographs, art and write-ups...!!!

The lady in Red said...

Reggie, thanks again for visiting. Nice week for you.

Greener Bangalore, thanks for coming. I am not an artist, but I really like writing, especially argumentative compositions. However, I havent had time.
Best wishes,

Aleksandra said...

Just a greeting from me,have a nice day,Sandra

The lady in Red said...

Thanks Aleksandra. Have a nice day, too!